From The Board

CFOOT jam-9Greetings, CFOOT~

The CFOOT board met March 24, 2014 to discuss the use of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church-Unitarian Universalist as the jam space. Also discussed was how to vacate the old space, where CFOOT might hold concerts, and this year’s officer positions.

For your reading pleasure, here’s an overview of the makeup, purpose, and operations of the Charlottesville Friends of Old-time Music.

Who We Are

Our mission is to play old-time music together, share it, and encourage people of all ages to enjoy it as listeners/dancers/players.

Our membership is everyone who asks to join our email list. There are no dues. We invite individual Monday-might jammers to donate $3 each time they attend, to help cover our costs.

Our board of directors operates according to procedures sanctioned for Virginia non-profit organizations such as ours.

Elected officers

Elected officers are Dick Harrington, president; Tom O’Connor, vice-president; Pete Vigour, secretary; and Dennis Wright, treasurer.

Appointed officers are Michael Giordano, emailer/webmaster and Steve Gorman, scheduler.

Other board members are Becky Cohen, George Frick, and Ellen Vigour.

Treasurer Dennis Wright reports we have sufficient funds in our checking account, thanks in part to seed money from our forebear 214 (formerly the Prism Coffee House) and the sale of our piano. He says jam donations more or less cover our monthly costs.

Our Location
CFOOT jam-7
Our Monday night jams are held from 7pm-9pm jam at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church-Unitarian Universalist, 717 Rugby Rd (corner of Rugby & Fendall).

The main West-East street through the University is Bus US 250/Ivy Rd. At Emmet St, it becomes University Ave, which passes by the Rotunda. Just after “the Corner,” it becomes Main St, leading to the downtown mall.

If you’re coming from the University area, at the traffic light on University Ave near the Rotunda, turn north onto Rugby Rd, go about 6 blocks, and the church will be on your left.

If you’re coming from Barracks Road/Preston Ave, north of the church, turn south onto Rugby, and in a few blocks the church will be on your right.

Turn onto Fendall, turn right into the parking lot, walk across Fendall and Edgewood Lane, which parallels Fendall, enter the side door, and the sanctuary will be on your left. Acoustics are excellent.

Players of all ability! Various instruments! Singers too! Hope to see you there.

Community Outreach

With ongoing board oversight and leadership, CFOOT seems to function as intended, except that, currently, we’re tending to do less community outreach and education than the board originally envisioned.

Recently, a group of us played in front of the Paramount Theater to help inspire runners in the annual Charlottesville 10 Miler. What a hoot! In the past year, CFOOTers have “jammed” for a few other events, and some of us, such as Dennis Wright and Pete Vigour, often play at nursing homes.

If you’re interested in community outreach via old-time music, which might mean simply organizing a few “jams” for local events, please contact any board member and get the ball rolling.

Weekly Email

The purpose of our weekly email is to inform you of area old-time events you might wish take part in, whether at the CFOOT space, Magnolia House, the Southern, the Greenwood Community Center, or some other venue.

Michael Giordano will email us each week, announcing the upcoming Monday jam and other upcoming local events involving old-time music.

Do you know of an event?

If you get wind of a public old-time event that ought to be announced, please (1) List the type of event, performer(s), date, time, place, cost, and contact info. (2) Into an email message, type the complete information in a simple list, using the same font size throughout, with no special formatting, no bold or underlining. (3) By Wednesday noon prior to the Friday on which you want the announcement to go out, send the email to a CFOOT board member. That board member will check the content and email the text for posting. Michael will format it and attach it to the regular Friday jam announcement.

We have a really good thing going, and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Let’s play tunes!